What's Sparkle-Stash-a-ton?  

Sparkle Stash-a-ton is a simple way to reach your end-of-year money goals.

It's a 100-day savings marathon where you save a little every day until you hit ₦250,000 by December 24th.

It's all about making your Christmas and new year plans come true! 💸✨


How to Join the Challenge  

If you already have a Sparkle account, all you need to dois create a brand-new stash and give it a catchy name.

But here's the twist: make sure to add "Stash-a-ton" to the name, example "Mimi’s Stash-a-ton."

This way, we can keep tabs on your savings progress and, of course, reward you like the superstar saver you are! 🎉💰.

Don’t have the Sparkle app?

Fund your stash

How you stash is entirely up to you! You're the boss of your stash, so feel free to do it your way.

Want to stash ₦2,500 daily? Go for it! Prefer to stash ₦50,000 weekly? That works too!

Heck, you can stash even stash your ₦250,000 at once if you're feeling extra motivated. It's your stash, your rules! 🙌💸 


Maintain your Stash Streak 

The secret to winning in the weekly draws and ultimately getting the ₦250,000 grand prize is to maintain your stash balance.

There may be temptations here and there but resist the urge to break your stash. 

Win prizes that will make you sparkle 

  • Top Savers:

    The best 4 savers each win ₦250,000! That's ₦500,000 Christmas money! E plenty!

  • Weekly draws:

    There’ll be weekly draws where we reward Stashers who consistently stashed without breaking their Stash.

    Prizes like data, dinner vouchers, smaller cash prizes and more.


Leaderboard Alert! 🏆🎉

Keep tabs on your position and even compare it with your friends'.

Everyone on the leaderboard wins something!


Frequently Asked Questions

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