Sparkle Stash

A fantastic way to save money and hit your goals, on your own terms. You can save money as you like, set a percentage of your spending to be saved for you, or save with interest. Your money, your rules!​

It’s Yours, Make it Sparkle! ​

Create a new Stash and give it a fun name. Add a category and an image, making it unique to you and start saving! ​

You can save frequently (daily, weekly, or monthly) or anyhow you like. You can also make it more interesting by setting a percentage of your spending to be added to your Stash. ​

Create a stash with a stash name, and category making it unique and personalised to you
Start keeping money in your Sparkle stash and get amazing interest on your savings

Multiple Stashes, Neatly Organized.​

When you save at least ₦ 100,000 in your Sash, you’ll earn 4.2% per annum interest rate on your savings. You get to make 2 withdrawals from your Interest Stash after which you’ll lose your interest. ​

By stashing frequently and in larger amounts, you'll unlock higher interest rates on your savings.​

Earn Sparkling Interest on Your Stash

You can save for different goals in separate Stashes making sure your ‘Rent’ savings don’t get mixed up with your ‘School Fees’ money.
​Your Stash savings are all neatly organized and always separate from your main account balance. ​

Esusu! How about saving your money with your family, or a group of friends? ​

Girls’ trip, Wedding Stash or Mom’s birthday? Soon you’ll able to save with your Tribe and make it happen! With the Esusu feature, you can save and hit your money goals with a group of people in the Tribe. ​

Coming soon!​

Sparkle offers you the Esusu feature that allows your save with a group of people

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