Managing your products has never been easier with Sparkle’s Inventory Tool​

No more complicated spreadsheets and confusing record-keeping. With Sparkle's Inventory feature, you can effortlessly manage your products – from adding new items to updating quantities, adding prices and even categorizing them. Plus, you get to see what you have left and what needs to be restocked at a glance no matter where you are. ​

Sparkle inventory feature to help you with simple business accounting
Manage your Business accounting, store keeping & payment request

It’s not just invoicing, it’s a passion for what you do!​

With Sparkle's Invoicing tool, you're not just sending a payment request – you're showing your customers how professional you are. You can copy and paste your invoice link in a few taps directly into your customer’s chat. And all they need to do is click on the link and pay you. Best part is you can apply taxes and discount to your invoice.​

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