The Best Payment Experience.​

Send money to family and friends in the Tribe at lightning-fast speed! ​

Whether it's FREE Sparkle-to-Sparkle transfers or to other banks in Nigeria for just ₦20, your transactions are instant, secure and sparkling. ​

Do you make frequent transactions daily? Join Sparkle Business today for a 50% discount on fees and make instant transfers for ₦10 only. ​

How do you want to pay today?​

QR, Payment Link, NearbyPay or a Simple Transfer? Send, Receive, and Request with Ease!​

Make secure payments with no hassle to Sparklers and other banks in Nigeria at lightning-fast speed.​

With Sparkle it is more than just banking, it is improving  your financial lifestyle
Send and Request Money from friends, family & Others.

Send and Request Money the Sparkling Way​

Sending money is a breeze, especially with instant and free Sparkle-to-Sparkle transfers. Whether it's your loved ones, customers, or anyone else, there's no extra charge and no hassle. Plus, enjoy the security and speed of transfers to other Nigerian bank accounts for only ₦20 on Sparkle Personal and ₦10 on Sparkle Business.​

And don't forget the request money feature—it's your solution to dodging those awkward money conversations. ​

Pay utility bills, airtime and more in a breeze.

Don’t get cut off! Whether it’s your electricity bill, Cable TV subscription, airtime and even data subscription. You can make all your bill payments effortlessly right on the Sparkle app. ​ ​

Airtime & bills payment so that you always stay connected
Airtime & bills payment so that you always stay connected

Schedule you frequently paid bills and relax.

Got bills that need regular attention, but remembering to pay them is a struggle? Let Sparkle take the stress away. Simply schedule your frequent payments on the app and enjoy peace of mind, the bills will be paid for you automatically on the set date and time. ​

No more missed deadlines, just smooth sailing.​

Experience Convenience with SparklePay!​

SparklePay is a super cool way of sending and receiving money with the use of a unique Payment Link. When you create the link, the money is deducted from your account until the payment is accepted by the receiver. ​

Simply enter the amount you want to send, generate a Payment Link and share it via Whatsapp, SMS, Airdrop or anyhow you like. ​

SparklePay is an innovative means of sending and receive payments with the use of a uniquely generated payment link.

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