Who is Indy, your financial buddy?

Indy is our very own AI lifestyle and financial chatbot that serves as your personal assistant on everything Sparkle. Indy provides financial and lifestyle advise personalized for each Sparkler in the tribe. Indy is for EVERYONE and caters to each users' needs.

Indy is every Sparkler’s first point of contact and currently provides information about Sparkle and its services, guidance on how to use the Sparkle App, features available, regulatory information, conversations, and jokes to users within the Sparkle Tribe. A virtual assistant that helps customers transactions, make recommendations and answers questions.

Chat with Indy today. She is witty, relatable and true to all Sparkle values.

Who is Indy?
Conversational, artificial intelligent finance help desk.

Conversational, artificial intelligent finance help desk.

Indy as your virtual assistant helps with your general queries on transactions, smart financial recommendations, and answers your basic questions.

Staying true to Sparkle's values, Indy is personalized for each Sparkler. What does this mean? Indy reacts and responds to everyone differently, to make sure your experience and solutions are tailored and suited to your peculiar need.

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