Why waste time typing a 10-digit account number?​

Send your friends some sparkle without the use of an account number. Just create a special link housing the amount you want to send and add an interesting message to it - e.g., Chop my money! 😉- making your transactions simple, personal and fun! ​ and more fun.

Manage your Business accounting, store keeping & payment request
With Sparkle it is more than just banking, it is improving  your financial lifestyle

Make secure payments​
in a breeze.

When you create the link, the money is deducted from your account until the payment is accepted by the receiver. ​ If your friend has the Sparkle app, it automatically opens and in just a single tap, the money is all theirs. No Sparkle app? No problem. A browser page opens for them to receive the payment in any bank account of their choosing.​

Once you generate the link, the funds is taken from your account and awaits the intended account to be disbursed into

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