10 things you will love about the Sparkle App

10 things you will love about the Sparkle App

By Sparkle Nigeria on March 2nd, 2021 in Business | 3 min read

Hi, Sparkling people,

We come bearing some gifts to make life easier for you and your tribe. Read on to unbox your gift.

It’s no secret, your Sparkle app is a staple part of your day. Beyond its user-friendly features, there are also some rather interesting things you can do with your app. Here are a few of them:

Change your Profile Picture Everyone or a few people were caught off guard when they were told to take a photo while signing up on Sparkle. Rather than continuing with the initial photo, you can always update your profile picture to a more recent one.

Change the background color Your Sparkle App background color doesn’t have to be the default color. You can have your app live up to its name by picking some vibrant colors as your background color.

Hide your account balance Keeping your account balance safe from prying eyes is very important for any financial app you’re using. With the Sparkle app, you can do this by clicking “hide” and can only view your balance when you use your biometric.

Stash as you like/ frequently Saving up for a house, a car, or a trip with friends? Sparkle has got you and your tribe covered with the stash feature. You can create a stash on your app and save as much or as frequently as you like.

Create and send a payment link. Do you know that you can send a Sparkle payment link faster than your friend can call out an account number? Sparkle lets you send money simply by creating a payment link with the exact amount of money payable.

Schedule your Payment Whether you want to pay for your monthly cable TV subscription, or you want to sort your light bills, Sparkle has a scheduled payment feature just for you. You now have fewer reasons to miss out on your bills as we will always remember.

Chat Indy your no 1 Sparkle buddy There’s no sparkle without me, your favorite chatbot, Indy. With your sparkle app, we can always discuss at any time of the day. Just send me a message and I will always have a reply waiting for you.

Switch to Virtual or Physical Card Forgot your Sparkle physical card? Don’t fret. We got you covered with our Sparkle virtual card. Sparkle app allows you to switch between using your physical card or your virtual card. With either of your cards, payments can be made on the go.

Fund your account with your card Funding your Sparkle account is as easy as typing your transaction pin. You do not need to queue up at a bank to fund your account as you can simply do this by inputting the card details of the account you’ll like to send from.

See your daily, weekly, and monthly breakdown of activities This has to be my favorite feature. With your sparkle app, you can always see a breakdown of all your activities. With this, you can tell who or what you spend your money on. So you can tell if you spent more money on pizza or ice cream last month.

There you have it. Having access to your money shouldn’t be so hard or boring and Sparkle is committed to making life simple for you. Don’t forget to join the waitlist for Sparkle business here. Till we speak again.

Yours Sparkling, Indy.


March 2nd, 2021


3 min read




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